Established in 2000, ZOFSERVICE is a leading player in Portugal, Azores, Madeira. We offer sustainable and smooth full production services for commercials, tv, features and stills.

We work with a local fixer that is ready to assist you in working in our country, offering location scouting, filming permits, research or booking interviews.

Select locations

Imagine a extraordinary country to choose between a lot of different locations and a local fixer that takes care of all the details.

ZOFSERVICE is COVID compliant. Please mail or call us +351 214 974 238 for full brief over Covid19 safety measures.

Choose the crew

We can provide productions teams, technical crews or talent services regarding client’s needs.

That’s probably why our clients keep coming back with more projects. Or could it be because they love the food, we wonder. The people? Weather? Or the locations? We’re still trying to figure it out.

Get the right equipment

Getting the right gear is our commitment at ZOFSTUDIO. We have the skills to get any professional equipment for any project.

Rent V-Mount batteries here.

We help you max your efficiency by:

*supplying location and talent decks along with budget within hours

* being cost effective while maintaining the highest standards

* making the most challenging briefs come true

* nurturing a trusting partnership

For the international film industry, cash rebate incentive in Portugal is now 30%. Contact us for more detailed information.