We can reach your production needs anywhere in Portugal


We are ZOF, a production service company in Lisbon serving clients from all over the world, that choose Portugal for their filming destination.

We can therefore say that we have the knowledge, gather the experience and the network required to deliver an impressively smooth, efficient and well-organized plan for the most demanding projects.

Over the years we’ve worked on TV series like Bizarre Foods with Andre Andrew Zimmern, an American culinary expert. XIAOMI with the famed designer Philippe Starck, to film in Portugal the latest concept video of the new mobile phone MI MIX. Documentaries, short films for Ducati and Bollywood cinema.

Our approach is always positive, we leave no margin for error and our main goal is to achieve excellence. Our production team is multilingual and those extra eyes that you´ll need in the field.

Meet your portuguese crew that garantee all your filming needs in Portugal.

Our Internal Team

Ricardo Figueiredo
Producer / Director
Ana Teresa Campos
General Manager
Amélia de Sousa
Joana Cunha
Production Director
Ana Boatto
Edgar Silva
Camera Operator
Bernardo Coelho
Camera Operator
Ricardo Jorge
Filipa Ferreira
Diogo Bernardo

Choose also from our network: Sound Engineer, Wardrobe Chief, Make up Artist, Art Director, Props Master, Assistant Director, Gaffer, Key Grip…

Introducing our Video Production Studio

We provide our Studio services in Lisbon with all the equipment you´re searching for, ask for anything, it will be on the right place and time. ZOFstudio also offers inumerous scenarios possibilities, chroma key solutions and a team to fullfill all your production needs to turn video production into the next big scene!

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